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Vulguine is one of the new Splinterlands reward cards for the Life Splinter Chaos Legion that was released recently. This battle also includes the other Life Splinter card in that release, Jared Scar who is set as the led tank.

This battle uses the Equalizer and Armour Out rule sets, both of which are ideally suited for Vulguine. His biggest weakness he has is his low starting health and lack of armour, but that is not a problem here. After all the bonuses, he now starts this battle with a formidable 11 health plus his Scavenge ability which can potentially grow as the battle continues.

For this battle, I have once again opted for the Shieldbearer and the Chanseus the Great summoner to absorb the bulk of the damage in the rear position. The true purpose of Vulguine becomes apparent as the battle progresses which is to protect the Pelacore Arbalest. This deadly range attacker which has 2 range damage and the double strike is often the difference in battles but needs to be protected as long in order to gain the advantage.

Vulguine does just this when he is placed in front of the arbalest and has as many as 19 health in this battle before he takes any damage. I will often play Pelacore Conjurer in the last position behind the arbalest to protect against sneak attacks for low mana battles instead of Shieldbearer. This combination results in many wins as Pelacore Arbalest is able to devastate the front line of your opponents.

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