Splinterlands Strategy – Venator Kinjo, the Yodin Killer


Fire Splinter Battle

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In my most recent Fire splinter focus, I picked up a Yodin Zaku from the rental market. Yodin is one of the most powerful summoners in all of Splinterlands. The Blast ability combined with +1 health and +1 range is a deadly combination. The new legendary reward card, Countess Sinash is particularly deadly with the blast.

My focus was going along tremendously well and honestly, I was just crushing most of my opponents until I came up against this combination from an enemy. My opponent played a Shiedbearer in the lead position which I have spoken about in the past as a good option. He has a Taunt with good shield and health stats. He backed him up with a heal and a restriction as well, which made the lead tank even more formidable.

But the true key to this defensive team is the Venator Kinjo placed in the second position. At first glance, Kinjo appears a weak and useless card. But in Blast rulesets, he becomes tremendously powerful. The Reflection Shield deflects all of the blast damage to the second position and beyond. His Camaflouge ability also protects him from Snipe and Opportunity attacks. In this battle, he blocked 10 different blasts which would have normally eaten through my opponent’s back line. He really was the difference in this battle.

Kinjo gets even more power at higher levels as well. As he levels up, he also adds Immunity, Slow and Amplify. This is a must-own card for any deck in the gold league and higher. At current prices, he offers excellent value even as a reward card.

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