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Life Splinter – Battle of the Day

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For this high mana Life Splinterlands battle, I went full defence to slowly humiliate my opponent. The strategy works so well, that I still had 100% health AND shields when the attack reached level 20 and the fatigue damage began.

For this attack strategy, you are going to need three specific cards starting with Chanseus the Great, the legendary life summoner. This card sells for around $100 as of writing but is actually quite inexpensive to rent. I recommend picking it anytime you have a Life focus. The other two cards you need are the Shieldbearer, and Uriel the Purifier.

What really makes this strategy work is the summoner bonuses of Triage and Restore Armour. The bonuses combined with the strong defence of the lead and rear taunting tank, make the core of the attack nearly impenetrable.

This particular Splinterlands battle is further aided by the Keep your Distance ruleset making magic and ranged attacks impossible further protecting the front wall. You will need a high mana battle to pull this strategy off because you are putting down 26 mana before even adding your core attacking team.

For this battle, I really should have put in at least one more sneak attack and I would not have needed to rely on the fatigue to set in to finish my opponent. Doing so would have meant going with a less than full mana cap team. I usually hate submitting a less-than-capped team, but in this case, it would have been the right play.

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