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Death Splinter Battle

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Today I am featuring another new reward card from the Chaos league deck, the Revealer. This is an epic card that you are going to want to max out for your level. The prominent ability he offers is Stun, but at higher levels, he also Immunity and Reflection Shield. That combination at higher levels makes this card very useful in many situations and a staple in every good deck.

This Splinterlands battle also features another powerful death card, Ancient Lich, with the Life Leach ability. I was expecting a strong green magic team from my opponent so I went with Mimosa Nightshade with the Void ability to block the magic damage. Both of these cards are out of the price range of most silver decks, but are quite affordable for a daily rental on a death focus.

This battle features an Equalize and Reverse Speed ruleset, both of which fit well into my strategy here. My opponent counters with a Grund in the lead tank position. This works out perfectly as his slow speed allow the Revealer to get the jump stunning before he can even get his first attack. The Grund is then taken out in the first level without doing a single point of of damage. Perect.

After that it is just a matter of time before the opponent submits. If you notice the Lich finished the battle with an incredible 31 health. Three magic combined with the Life Leach is a deadly combination if you can hidehim in the middle of you team.

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