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Today I will be looking at another new reward card for the Death splinter, the Ever-Hungry Skull. This new card is a good black option as a back-row tank. Its big shield and flying ability is an excellent options to protect your team from sneak attacks. In Equalize rulesets, it even works well in the first position where its single health is normally vulnerable to a magic attack. But where it really shines in sneak/snipe rulesets where it can still get attacks from the back row. At level 6, the skull even gets 3 melee and thorns. The skull is a very useful card that you should look to max out for your level.

In this particular battle, it even benefits from the Earthquake ruleset where it can take full advantage of its flying ability. My opponent countered with a slow melee team and really had little hope of winning. My skull pulled off an impressive 7 missed attacks allowing my flying team to pick him off quickly.

I chose the Crypt Mancer for my summoner in this battle. This is a very powerful black summoner that is surprisingly affordable to rent for a daily death focus. The Mancer offer -1 melee, -1 speed, and -1 health. This should spell defeat for any Splinterlands opponent playing red against you. Mancer becomes especially strong if you can stack a Demoralize with a Disintegrator and play a fast team.

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