NBA Top Shot – Metallic Silver Set: Series 3

Metallic Silver

NBA Top Shot’s Metallic Silver Set is the flagship in the Fandom Tier of collectables. It is designed for active collectors who want to participate regularly in flash challenges to level up their collections. It is the exciting next stage of evolution for NBA Top Shot collectors.

With a total of 55 moments scheduled for Metallic Silver Series 3, there is at least one from every team. There is also one of all available play types. This is significant because it means Top Shot has plans of using this set in future flash challenges.

Flash Challenges

Top Shot announced on April 12th its first round of flash challenges for Metallic Silver. This is an ironic twist since you can only earn these moments by completing flash challenges in the first place. You can of course still buy them in the marketplace afterward, but you will never get one from a paid pack opening.

As of writing this, you can pick up all 12 Metallic Silver moments required moments with mint counts of 10,000 or more for $146. These purchases will qualify you for a free Standard 2022 All-Star pack worth $19. I already owned all of these moments so this pack will be a nice little bonus.

The second flash challenge is set to go later this week and will require collecting all Metallic Silver moments in the set with mint counts between 4,000 and 9,999. There are 11 moments in this range and they will cost you $408 as of writing. Completing the challenge gets you a free Elite All-Star pack worth $49.

There are two more Metallic Silver challenges for serious high-value collectors. The last two challenges are well out of my price range (and likely yours too). But the prizes for completing the bigger challenges could be worth thousands of dollars each so we are talking about serious money.

Fandom Tier

The Fandom tier is an unusual rarity tier since its moments can vary in rarity from common, ranging up to rare or even legendary. The cheapest moment in the Metallic Silver set is currently the Kevin Love moment for just $5. While the most expensive is the Paul George which has a current price tag of $5,900 with a mint count of only 169.

I collected several of the cheaper Metallic Silvers by already owning all the moments necessary for the flash challenges and simply filling out the showcase. While many of the challenges were far outside price range and often required owning some high-priced rookie moments in order to complete.

On a whole, the fandom tier should be considered of higher value and utility than the common moments, but less than most rare sets.

Best Moments in Set

There are several great Metallic Silver moments to collect in this set many of which are of elite all-star players. These are the ones I recommend.

Jayson Tatum

This is a great moment of Tatum showing off his handle. At just $14, it is an excellent option for fans to upgrade a common moment of this iconic NBA player. His next higher moment is the series 2 Seeing Stars moment but that is twice as much at $28.

Darius Garland

I like this moment not only is Garland a great young player, but he currently has no other non-base moment for collectors to upgrade from a base set common.

Jordan Poole

This is a crazy half-court heave from the heavily touted youngster. He does have a 60K common moment, but this is a nice upgrade over that with just a 6,686 mint count. This is a moment you can hang on to for many years.

Brandon Ingram

At a mint count of just 3,638, this moment is a steal at just $21. Brandon is a great young player who still hasn’t hit his prime. As a bonus, he does not have any non-base set moments to compete with this so it is the first upgrade from his series 2 common.

Evan Mobley

This is a great clip of the rookie running down Jayson Tatum from behind. The price is a little more than many in the set currently at $128 but I think it is well worth it since he does not have a common 60K mint in his rookie season. The only other cheaper moment Mobley has is the Rising Stars challenge reward for $97. If you want a rookie year moment from this future all-star, this is an excellent option.

Set Rating : Accumulate

I am actively buying all the moments in the Metallic Silver set within my price range or that I can get in a challenge. The current flash challenge should be the first of many opportunities to gain utility from these moments. Long-term holders of this set should see capital appreciation from current levels as the fandom tier continues to expand into series 4.


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