NBA Playoffs – May 6th, 2022

NBA Playoffs

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I picked the Mavericks to cover game 2 and I regret doing so. Dallas kept it close for a while but then got completely destroyed in the fourth quarter finishing 20 points behind. My NBA Playoffs picks are now 14-9 (60.8%).

NBA Playoffs: Suns (-1) @ Mavericks $

It is often said in MMA that styles make fights. The same can be said for the NBA Playoffs, matchups make a series. I backed the Mavericks in round one against the Jazz because the matchups favoured Dallas. But the Suns offer a different and much more complex set of matchups for the Mavericks and it seems clear to me now that this series will be over in four or five games.

Luka Doncic has been superb, in the frontcourt. But in the backcourt, he is being hunted and exploited. The stat that stands out most to me is the (-28) +/- Doncic put up in game 2 despite scoring 35 points. It wouldn’t matter if he scores 50 if he is giving up 70 on the other end.

The Suns are just far more flexible, talented and deep than the Jazz and they are schooling young Doncic Mavs. Devin Booker is obviously a serious problem for any defence but really it is Chris Paul who is behind all of this. CP3 has an insane ability to manipulate outcomes at times when it matters the most. At the end of the game, I have more faith with the ball in Chris Paul’s hands than I would in even Luka’s.

The Suns are establishing themselves as the clear favourites to win the Championship and avenge their finals loss last year.


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