NBA Playoffs – May 11th, 2022

NBA Playoffs

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The Sixers were a no-show last night losing by 35 points and it looks like their season has only a few days left. My NBA Playoffs picks tick upwards to 17-11 (60.7%).

NBA Playoffs: Warriors (-3.5) @ Grizzlies $

If this was a regular-season game, I can guarantee that my money would be on the Grizzlies here as four-point home dogs. But it isn’t the regular season, is it? It is game 5 of the NBA Playoffs conference semi-finals.

I could almost sense a feeling of dread coming from the Grizzlies late in game 4 as the Warriors began their march from behind to retake the lead and ultimately find victory. Memphis could easily succumb to the sense of of inevitability that they cannot win this series. Besides they have already had a successful season and their best player is now hurt. All of the excuses are lined up for them tonight and they only need one bad quarter to make it come true.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the Warriors have unquestionably been the most impressive team in the playoffs. They are playing championship calibre basketball right now and even the top-ranked Suns will struggle to keep up. With so many people talking about Curry & Thompson, it is easy to forget that neither of these guys is even the best player on their team. That honour of course goes to Jordan Poole.

I see the inexperienced Grizzlies giving in to all the ready-made excuses tonight and going out quietly.

NBA Playoffs: Celtics (-5.5) Vs Bucks $

With the number of games starting to diminish as the playoffs progress, I want to offer opinions on a couple extra games because there may not be opportunities to do so every night down the stretch.

This is a series where I see the balance of power starting to sway in favour of the Celtics. The Celtics went full-out gangsta cheat code in game 4 pulling away late. Al Horford was a mad man going blow for blow with the man himself, Giannis Antetekounmpo.

Boston seems content with Giannis putting up 30-35 while shutting down the rest of the team. The absence of a secondary scoring option for the Bucks is now becoming apparent. They do not get past the Nets last year without Khris Middleton. It really should not be a surprise if they lose to an equally difficult team this season in the Celtics without him.

I see this series ending in either 6 or 7 games in favour of Boston. If it does go seven games, the Bucks will regret tanking the final regular-season game and electing to take the 3rd seed instead of the 2nd.


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