NBA Playoffs – April 25th, 2022

NBA Playoffs

It is a huge night in the 2022 NBA Playoffs and I have positions on all three games tonight. As always, I release my best bet of the day to my Newsletter subscribers.

The Warriors’ comeback came up short last night as they did not have the intensity necessary starting the game to complete the sweep. Give credit to the Nuggets who fight hard and made their shots. My NBA Playoffs picks are now 7-5.

NBA Playoffs: Raptors (+7.5) @ 76ers $$

Could it be that this series is not yet over? Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes made his return to the lineup after missing games two and three to lead the Raptors to victory in game four. The Raptors should have won game three as well and would have if Scottie had played. A comeback from three games down in the NBA Playoffs has never happened, but if it was ever going to, this could be the series.

Individually, Joel Embiid is still the best player in the NBA. But the Sixers are not the better team when playing a healthy Raptors team. This (+7.5) line is badly off and does not correctly reflect the Raptor’s chances of victory tonight. They are gritty and well-coached and this will be a tightly contested game.

My biggest concern for Toronto may be the favourable referee calls tonight on the road in Philadelphia. Embiid is 7’0 280lbs, yet when little Freddy VanVleet put his hand on his back, he flew into the stands like a little school girl. James Harden has made a career pandering to the referees. Let’s just hope the refs call a fair game tonight.

Update: Fred Vanvleet has unexpectedly been ruled out for this game with a hip flexor strain. This is a big setback for the Raptors but it does not change my opinion of this matchup.


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