Free NFL/NBA Picks – Jan 16th, 2022


NFL: Cowboys (-3) Vs 49ers $

No other NFL team has a ceiling as high as the Cowboys who are also capable completely imploding any given week. That is what the Cowboys are to me, a ticking time bomb. When are they going to explode? They are perfectly capable of matching up with any team in the NFL. But can they do it four weeks in a row against top quality opponents to win a Super Bowl? I would guess not.

This is the type of game the Cowboys should win however. It is a teaser game that will keep everyone in Dallas watching and chirping about their team winning the Super Bowl. They hype machine should be sufficiently amped up just before the inevitable implosion. I like them to get one win this post season before likely losing next week.

The 49ers surged into the playoffs winning 7 of their last 9 games after a suffering from multiple injuries in the first half. They are a good team that I would be happy to back in many situations, but I don’t feel they are getting enough points in this spot. This line still seems at least a point or two light to me as I still think the Cowboys are the better team, at least this week.

NBA: Kings (-5.5) Vs Rockets $

The game has a big total of 240. What that says to me is the point spread is not going to matter a large percentage of the time. The Kings are the more talented team and they are perfectly capable of putting up 125+ in this spot. Their weakness is of course porous, but they should be able to hold a bad team such as the Rocket below 115 most nights.

As the NFL season wraps up and heads into the playoffs, I will be focused on the NBA going forward with my Daily Picks so be sure to check in regularly for all my free selections.

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