Free NBA Pick – Dec 20th, 2021

NBA Playoffs

NBA: Warriors (-12) Vs Kings $

Many NBA rosters look like triage units right with several teams missing half or more of their team due quarantine protocols. The impact this can have on individual teams is not always the same. Most teams have adequate bench players that can, if need be, step up and fill in well enough in a starting role without a significant drop off in production. The problems then becomes who is going to come in off the bench when several of your bench players are starting?

This where not all teams will be created equal. Not all teams have the same player depth and will be forced to play rookies or marginal players off the bench. This is the case with the Kings who are, as of this writing, without 6 players for tonight’s game with Golden State.

The Warriors are also short handed tonight, but are better suited to make this game a blowout tonight. The essentially forfeited their last game in Toronto by playing the entire game without any starters. Steph and Draymond both rested that game but should be back in the lineup tonight and fresh. That alone should be enough for the Warriors tonight against the devastated Kings lineup. It really should not be competitive either, so I am willing drop the 12 point spread.

I looking for ward to another great NBA season after going 164-100 (62.1%) last year. Be sure to check my Daily Picks for all my Free Picks this season.

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