Free MLB Picks – Sept 2, 2021

AL Divisional Series

MLB: Rays McClanahan (-160) Vs Rodriguez $

Red Sox come from behind victory in Tampa Bay last night broke the Rays 9 game win streak. It was also the first time in 15 games the Rays failed to score at least 3 runs. Red Sox overcame a lot of adversity to get this victory including a shortened bench and bullpen, as well as much negative press over having so many positive tests. Kudos to them for making me the fool yesterday and picking against them.

The TB Rays are still the far superior team, likely the best in MLB. I put up the same photo today and make the same pick today because all the same arguments are still true today as they were yesterday (that and I’m a bit stubborn).

McClanahan is the better starter today, the Rays are hitting the ball far better than the Red Sox, and I like the TB’s bullpen better than Boston’s. They are playing at home and I do not mind paying the medium price.

Sometimes you just have to stick with your guns and pick what you know is correct.

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